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We’re G CORP,

the holding company of many great businesses

About Us
The Guedimin Corporation

We house seven groups of enterprises engaged in a wide range of industries :

Corporate Services | Hospitality | Health & Wellness | Entertainment | Security | Real Estate | Mobility

What we do

Creating long-term value for shareholders

We believe creating superior long-term returns requires discipline, a management team with keen analytical capabilities, subsidiary managers who are both experienced and empowered, and a forward-thinking vision to pursue constant reinvention.

How we do it

Operating as a growth capital investor and advisor

We actively invest in opportunities across developing markets in different segments, having a wide-ranging investment portfolio including majority and minority shareholdings.

Type: Private Group
Industry: Conglomerate
Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Mexico City
Chairman: Julio Guedimin



Want to partner with us?

We are searching

We are always on the look out for exciting businesses in our core sectors and we hope that yours has the potential to materialize into the next Guedimin Company.

We are joining

If your inquiry relates to working with one of the already established companies within the Corporation, please contact that company directly as each existing company takes responsibility for developing its own business.

We are investing

Our Corporate Affairs Team welcomes proposals to partner with experienced management teams and companies seeking growth capital and strategy development. Feel free to contact us with your proposal to know more about our investment criteria.